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Major items imported into India are Arts & Craft, Machineries & Parts, Fertilizers Allied, Raw wool, Transport Equipments, Aircraft Spare Parts, Textiles, Thread, Office Equipments, Cattle Feed, Stationery, Electrical Goods, Medicine & Medical Equipments, Electronic Goods, Steel Rod & Sheets, Billets, M.S. Wire Rod, Industrial Raw Materials, Polythene Granules, Jackets, P.V.C. Compound, Telecommunication Equipment, Soybean Oil, Insecticides, Palm Oil, Milk (Powder, Skimmed & Condensed), Spices, POL Products, Textile Dyes, Gold, Silver, Video, Leather Products, Television Parts, Light Equipments, Garments, Industry Chemical, Computer Parts. India's major export items are Live Animals, Leather Chemical, Textiles, Ready-made Garments, Raw Cotton, Threads, Fruits, Vegetables, Confectionery & Bakery Products, Milk Products, Soap & Detergent, Coffee, Tea, Cumin Seed & Pepper, Absorbers, Salt, Sugar, Rice, Resin, Pulses, Tobacco, Petrochemical, Bidi Leaves, Textile Chemical, Enamel & other Paints, Organic Solvent, Cement, Paint, Pipe & Pipe Fittings, Sanitary Wares, Bitumen, Electrical Equipment, Medicines, Writing & Printing Papers, Books & Magazines, Cosmetic Goods, Sea Food, Chemical Fertilizers, Insecticides, Dyes & Color Additives, Hand Tools, Agri-Equipment & Parts, Vehicles & Spare Parts, Coal, Machinery & Parts, Glass Sheet & Glassware

US Import Trade Data

US Import Export trade data is based on Bill lading, a shipping document filed at US Customs before a cargo enters a US Port. Trade data is available on any Product exported by Sea to all US Ports. Data includes US Importer name address and Overseas Suppliers Name address making it a very powerful tool finding New US Buyers and analyze US Import Trade of your product. U.S. trade data are distributed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau using the United States 'Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) of 10-digit codes.

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UK Import Trade Data

India is the UK's 18th largest export market and its second largest export market in the developing world after China. In 2004, the UK imported £3.05bn of goods and services from India. In 2005 the UK imported £3.9bn of goods and services from India. In the last few years, UK imports from India have increased substantially. Major UK importers from India include: non-metallic minerals, gold, telecom equipment, transport equipment and industrial machinery.

China Import Export Trade Data

China major import items include machinery, electronic products, audio-visual equipment and accessories, Textile raw material and products, Plastic and related products, Base metals and products, Optical and medical instruments, Chemical products while its major export items are machinery and equipment; textiles and clothing, footwear, toys and sporting goods, mineral fuels, and chemicals

Russia Import Export Trade Data

Its economy experiences formidable difficulties in moving from its old centrally planned economy to a modern market economy. Russia's major exports are fuels, energy, metals, machinery & equipment, chemicals, and oils while its major import are machinery & equipment, food and agricultural raw materials, chemicals and metals. Its main export markets are Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, Netherlands and China while its main Import Markets Russia's main import markets are India, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and the US.

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